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Totem Pole - Talismans of my People

North American Indians use the medium of a totem pole to represent their history and mythology. I love the medium, but I'm not a Native American. So, I created a ceramic totem pole that reflects some of the more important talismans relevant to my life, as a 20th-21st century Californian.

Batman and the Silver Surfer

The Concorde, Starship Enterprise, Buck Rogers Spaceship

Mickey and Rubiks Cubes

'50s Corvette, Dr. Who's TARDIS, '59 Cadillac fins, Flying saucers

Blue Man Group, Jaws, Coca Cola, Apple, Pacman

Minions, iPod, Apple Watch, Mushroom cloud, Radiation symbol

Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, lava lamps (not shown in overall photo)

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